Google Page Rank, Organic Search Results and More

Here are some questions answered about Google Page Rank, Organic Search Results and More.

What is Google PageRank?
PageRank is just one of 200 or more factors that Google users to determine relevancy for a search query. PageRank is used to measure the importance of a web page based on the number of incoming links coming to that page from other sites. The more high quality incoming links to the web page, the higher the PageRank from Google. This is why many search engine experts will advise building relevant, high quality links to your site to enhance your organic ranking.

Are organic search results and paid search results on Google calculated the same way?
No, organic and paid search results are not calculated the same way. Although both organic and paid results will appear for the same user query, they are determined independently. Companies may need separate strategies for building their organic rankings versus managing a paid search campaign.

Does my website’s organic search ranking affect the ranking of my paid search ad?
No, the ranking of your web page in organic search for a particular keyword will not have any impact on the ranking of your paid search ad for the same keyword. For example, an advertiser may perform well in paid search but not have a high organic ranking.