Google Page Rank, Organic Search Results and More

Here are some questions answered about Google Page Rank, Organic Search Results and More. What is Google PageRank? PageRank is just one of 200 or more factors that Google users to determine relevancy for a search query. PageRank is used to measure the importance of a web page based on the number of incoming links Read More

Real Time Search Results in Google

Last month Google enabled real-time search introducing a dynamic stream of real-time content from across the web in search results pages. Recent partnerships with Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter allow Google to stream real-time updates from these sites on the actual result pages of your query. After conducting a search you can now see live updates Read More

Using Social Media in your SEO Efforts

When it comes to improving your SEO efforts, developing a strong content strategy for social media is an important component. Relevant, high quality content can be promoted through your social media marketing efforts and may end up making a big impact on your site ranking in search engines.

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