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Tools for Website Creative Testing

Small improvements to your landing page can make large improvements in your ROI. Multivariate testing is a way for you to define what improvements will make the most impact on campaign performance.

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What is Multivariate Testing?

First, let’s define multivariate testing. According to Wikipedia:

Multivariate testing is a process by which more than one component of a website may be tested in a live environment. It can be thought of in simple terms as numerous split tests orA/B testsperformed on one page at the same time.

While an A/B test can help you determine the better performing creative from two options, multivariate testing can test any number of creative variables at the same time. You just have to determine how much testing time is needed to get a statistically valid sample.

A great tool to help you determine how long your campaign should run is Google’sWebsite Optimizer Duration Calculator.Just put in your number of test combinations; estimated number of page views; visitors; improvement %; current conversion rate; and the calculator will generate the numbers of days needed for testing.