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Getting Acquainted with Social Search and My Social Circle

If you haven’t heard about Google Social Search you may be surprised to see content from friends show up in your Google search results.

For some people, content provided by social contacts may be more relevant than content provided by 3rd party sites. This is where Social Search comes in. A great example of this is when you are looking up a movie review. You may be more interested in hearing what your friend has to think about a movie than what a reviewer from a news organization has to say. With Social Search results showing up on your search results page, you can easily see if a friend has tweeted, posted or blogged their opinion about that movie. Here’s a great overview of Social Search feature from Google:

When do you see Social Search results?

When you are logged into your Google account, you will see Social Search results appear at the bottom of the search results page when conducting searches online. The Social Search feature only shows relevant content created by people in your social circle based on your search query. The results are specific to you and your social circle. Other people will not see the same social search results that you see because it is personalized based on who is in your social circle.

Where do Social Search results appear?

If you scroll down to the bottom of your search results page, you may begin to see Social Search results from your social circle. My recent searches showed a blog post from a business acquaintance and a status update from a friend.

If you like the Social Search feature, you can specify to see additional Social Search results by clicking on the “More search tools” link on the left side of your search results page and selecting “Social”.

Are you in My Social Circle?

People who show up as part of your social circle are your connections from a variety of sources including:

  • Your Gmail contacts
  • Your Twitter and FriendFeed contacts that may appear in your Google profile or Google Buzz
  • Connections of people in your social circle (friends-of-friends)
  • People you are following in Google Reader or Google Buzz

It’s easy to find out who is on this list just by going to your Social Circle page. If you’re logged into Google, you can get to this page by clicking the Social Circle link next to “Results from people in your social circle” on any Google search results page that’s showing social search results.

Social Search is just another example of how social media and search marketing are becoming more and more intertwined. If you’d like to check out more tools related to Social Search, check out Marketing Cosmos.

Google Adwords Click-to-Call

Soon Google Adwords advertisers will be able run “Click-to-Call” campaigns on mobile devices. Google will allow advertisers to include phone numbers in their ads that are displayed on mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, and Palm WebOS. Google Click to CallCustomers who have mobile devices with full HTML browsers will see geotargeted Google text ads that include the phone number of a local business.

In order to launch the click-to-call campaign, advertisers will need to specify within their Adwords account that their campaign should target mobile devices and include their phone numbers under campaign settings.

Dear AdWords Advertiser,
We’re pleased to announce that beginning in January, your location-specific business phone number will display alongside your destination url in ads that appear on high-end mobile devices. Users will be able to click-to-call your business just as easily as they click to visit your website.


Businesses will be charged on a cost-per-click basis for phone calls from the ad. The cost-per-click for the phone call will be the same as a cost-per-click for a visit to their website. Additionally, advertisers will be able to view call results from their campaign summary page just by specifying “click type”.

Why click-to-call?

Click-to-call capability was designed years ago to convert web-based traffic into a direct phone call. A web visitor clicked on a link or an icon and was able to input their phone number in order to be directly connected to a business. With Google’s recent announcement, the hope is that this click-to-call capability with phone numbers appearing directly in the ads will allow businesses to more easily connect with potential customers via their mobile phones.


Real Time Search Results in Google

Last month Google enabled real-time search introducing a dynamic stream of real-time content from across the web in search results pages. Recent partnerships with Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter allow Google to stream real-time updates from these sites on the actual result pages of your query.

After conducting a search you can now see live updates from people on popular sites like Twitter and FriendFeed, as well as headlines from news and blog posts published just seconds before. Click on “Latest results” or select “Latest” from the search options menu to view a full page of live tweets, blogs, news and other web content scrolling right on Google. You can also filter your results to see only “Updates” from micro-blogs like Twitter, FriendFeed, Jaiku and others.

Hear Vanessa Fox talk about Google real time search at Webmaster Radio.